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Fefi's Startup sets

The advantage of this setup can be summarized as follows: All technical parts are placed behind the background as heater and filter system including the water lifter and big volume sponge. We use air pump operated water lifter instead of electronic water pump. At any failure of the air pump it is very cheap to repair or to change compared to electronic water pumps. The air pump is commercial one - most of the types are good for the purpose - can be found in every shops. The heater is hidden behind the background. The filter sponge volume gives an excellent biologic filter, compared to the small electronic water pump with its small volume sponge. The sponge practically is not necessary to be cleaned only once a half year. It depends on the amount of fishes and plants in the tank. Practically the water flow through the sponge will be never blocked thanks for the cross section of the water flow. This is a huge advantage compared to the small electronic filters proposed for small size aquariums! The sponge has two parts. Only one is proposed to be cleaned max once a half year - that one is on the opposite side of the water lifter. After cleaning one sponge, their position is proposed to change, so the filter bacteria are kept in the not washed one, and very soon can transfer the bacteria to the cleaned one because it is on the way of the water flow. The filter system has one more advantage. Behind the grid there is a mulm trap and the next one between the two sponges. If the mulm is too much here it can be removed by a hose. This is a natural trap thanks for the speed of the water leaving the front side. The speed of the water through the grid is much higher than behind the background thank for the low of physics that the water speed times the cross section is equal everywhere, where the water flows. So as the water leaves the rooster its speed is getting slower and the mulm sinks down to the bottom.