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Aquarium backgrounds 3D shapes

Dear Visitor!

When you are surfing in the backgrounds chapter, you will find two kind of category of background.
First the exclusive category, second the comers backgrounds.
Next backgrounds belong to the first, exclusive category, unique and highest quality 3D backgrounds:
Freshwater Cliff, Cliff II, Seawater Cliff, Cliff I, Old Boat Side.
The second group is the comers, very thin backgrounds like:
Freshwater Cliff modular version A&B and C&D
S-Cliff 60x60
S-Cliff 80x40
S-Cliff any size smaller then 60x60 or 80x40
S-Cliff 60x60 modular version

cliff2Our exclusive category backgrounds are unique and the highest quality background on the market. The quality is excellent, but the price is middle level!!!
We may say that these backgrounds are unique, because the form and color variation is so rich, that hard to find two same backgrounds, having the same shape, and color. This is directly coming from our technology.
We are proud of and  can report that in the last 3 years we do not have any complaint, only satisfied customers!!!
We do not have any complaint that the L catfishes destroyed the surface of our backgrounds.
The experience is that our background keeps the color in time, and the look is getting even more and more natural.

The comers category background does not mean comers look!!! They are number one in their category. These backgrounds have been designed to reserve in the tank as small as possible room, but still to have 3D effect.
Their thickness is less than 3 cm, but they have real 3D look!!!

The work is very easy with these backgrounds, because it is easy to drill, cut by a common sharp kitchen knife, or saw.
Stainly knife is proposed only for the comers background, because the excusive ones are made of harder material.
If you have to cut it to two or more parts, because there is stabilizer in the aquarium that could not be removed, we propose to push and pull a sharp knife from the backside as dip as you can with a normal force, and then brake the background as a glass. You have to do similar to the glass cutter.
The alignment CAN NOT BE SEEN!!!
To fix the parts together use normal black silicon used for aquariums and if the silicon is coming out put fine quartz sand onto it to give natural look. You can work the sand into the silicon with a small toothbrush.
If you do this way, the look is absolute acceptable..
The panels are floating so they must be fixed to the glass of the aquarium. We propose normal black silicon. On the side if you can see the silicon, put some quartz sand onto the silicon to have natural look.
The weight of the panels is ca 3-6 kg / m2.

We propose all technical apparatus to be place behind the background. In case of external filter the best if the sucking pipe is placed behind the background. This case onto the background you have to make a hole for a strainer.
The hole where the water can flow from the front to behind the backgrounds should be placed onto the other side where the sucking pipe is located. This case you have moving water behind the background preventing all problem what can be caused by standing water.
You can purchase it in every aquarium shop but we propose for this purpose a ca3-5cm long 5 cm diameter plastic tube that is covered with a mosquito net. You pull the net onty the tube and place the tube into the hole on the background.
If you have more, you can always change it with a clean one and the dirty can be cleaned easily under tap.

We are selling our backgrounds through resellers in the Netherlands. For standard size backgrounds please turn to the resellers. (Standard size is up to 200x70cm)
If you first time meet our backgrounds, and you have not seen it in your aquarium shop, please contact us and we tell you where the closest shop is to you, where you can buy them.
If you have special demand, contact us. This can be special color, shape, included filter cover, background also on the side of the aquarium etc.