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The Stone Age starts here again!

Our decor stones are specially made territory reserving, caves living fishes or cancers and shrimps. The African cichlids love it. It has an advantage compared with the natural stones: It stays in stable position even if the fishes move the grind!!! It looks nice also in planted tanks too!!!
Every stone are unique, 100% handmade. Everyone has unique shape.
The stones are made 100% natural material on calc stone basis.

The stones may be used in any kind of aquarium water but in long term it can increase the calc hardness of the water with 0.5-1 KH depending on the tank size. IF you need KH-, PH- treatment, please take the stone out of the tank, use the treatment, and in one day you may place back the stone without any problem.

Every size is available!
Every form is available!
Even can be used for backgrounds!
Every color is available!